Staff of Carefree RV Ltd.
  • Elmer Lastiwka
  • Phil Turgeon
    General Manager
  • Darcy Turgeon
    Operations Manager
  • Jeffrey T. Sutton
  • Adam Turgeon
    Finance Manager
  • Paula Shonaman
    Management Assistant
  • Alena Vincent
    Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Val Rudnisky
    Warranty Administrator
  • Rick Martin
    Product Specialist
  • Glenn Kerr
    Product Specialist
  • Marian Graham
    Product Specialist
  • Claude Boulet
    Product Specialist
  • Cory McKinlay
    Product Specialist
  • George Smith
    Product Specialist
  • Jared Fardy
    Product Specialist
  • John Stefanyk
    Parts Advisor
  • Bruce Rudnisky
    Parts Advisor
  • Steve Kehoe
    Service Advisor
  • Lawrence Messer
    Internal Service Advisor

Our RV Product Specialists

George Watson

Most of our RV specialists have been long-standing employees and are like family to Carefree RV. They truly care about your RV choice and are very knowledgeable in all RV products. Please contact anyone of our experienced RV experts to assist you in providing the perfect RV for you & your family. If you have any questions about any unit, make or model, our staff will know or find the answer!

 Glenn's Smile   Glenn Kerr

When you meet Glen, you will understand why he is an important part of the Carefree family. With each family he helps, he inspires and motivates many families to enjoy a Carefree RV lifestyle. Glenn has over 15 years of sales experience and is an avid RVer with a vast amount of knowledge on Motorhomes, Toy Haulers, Fifth Wheels, and Travel Trailers. His outgoing, passionate, and honest attitude is comforting to anyone who walks through Carefree's doors.

   Marian Graham

Marian is one of Carefree's experienced RV Product Specialists and has been in the automotive and RV industry for over 16 years! On her down time, Marian enjoys spending time at the lake with her loved ones and family. Marian's expertise and sincere approach provides a warm and friendly atmosphere with each family that she assists. Stop by and Say "Hi" and Marian will assist you in finding the perfect RV for you and your family.

   Rick Martin

Rick has been a professional RV Product Specialist since 2008, and enjoys providing exceptional customer service to each family he helps. Rick is a happy RVer and is excited to share his passion, knowledge and experiences with all other fellow campers. Rick's dedicated and friendly attitude will make you feel right at home when you're shopping for the perfect RV for you.

   Sherri Sinclair

Sherri is a dedicated mom and thoroughly enjoys camping. She started with Carefree RV in 2016 and is excited to get you on the road so you and your family can experience happy camping adventures.

Claude Boulet

Claude is a well-seasoned camper owning a Cruiser Fifth Wheel. He spends lots of time at Hubble Lake Resort were his trailer is parked full time. Claude also has lots of product knowledge on towables and motorized; you will definitely feel confident in any RV or camper when Claude helps to find the perfect RV for you.

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