Check Out Our Winterization Specials!

Have you heard about the Winterization Specials offered here at Carefree RV? Winterizing your RV before the weather turns cold is essential to making sure it is protected during the cold months and ready to go when the weather turns nice again. Well right now, we are offering multiple winterization packages starting at just $139, so you can get your travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or motorhome ready for winter with any of these services!

Winterization Specials
Get your RV ready for the cold with our winterization specials!

Anti-Freeze Package

One of the main winterization processes that we will do is to drain your water system and add anti-freeze to the water lines to keep them from freezing during the cold. We use -50 degree anti-freeze to ensure that your lines are ready for even the coldest temperature. We will also bypass the hot water heater and winterize this with up to 2 gallons of anti-freeze.

System Checks

During the winterization process, we will be sure to inspect all systems to ensure that everything is working properly. We will thoroughly go over all areas such as the water heater, furnace, tires, gas lines, trailer brakes, springs, shackles, refrigerator, and more! By checking each of these features out, you can be sure that your RV goes into storage for the winter completely ready for the new RVing season.

Winterization Specials
These specials start at only $139!

Free Storage

Speaking of storage, some of our winterization services will allow you to get to free winter storage with us! Have solar panels installed or get either the 30+ full maintenance towable or motorized inspection, and you will have a safe and secure place to store your RV during the cold months when you are not using it.

We, here at Carefree RV, are committed to taking the best care of our customers RVs, so by offering these may winterization specials, we are providing essential services at a discounted price. Feel free to contact us or come down to our location to learn more about these special offers and how you can benefit from them.

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