Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte Travel Trailers: 3 Comfort Features

Everywhere you look in the Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte travel trailers for sale here at Carefree RV, you will find more and more features to make RVing life easier. From the moment you leave your home to when you get back, this camper is meant to make traveling in comfort easier and more affordable. Check out the top 3 ways this RV will make your next trip the best one yet:

Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte Travel Trailer
Take a look inside our Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte Travel Trailers!

Easy Travel

All of the nine Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte floorplans available are built to be in the lightweight category. This plus the aerodynamic front end design will make it incredibly easy to tow. There may even be times that you forget you are towing at all! Have more confidence while driving and save money in the process with the better gas mileage you will get.

Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte Travel Trailer Interior
Get everything you need in a lightweight, easy-to-tow package.

Quick and Easy Setup

Once you reach the campground, you will have very little that needs to be done before you can start relaxing. Easy-to-use stabilizer jacks will make this travel trailer more stable, so walking around inside will be a breeze. Plus, with a one touch electric awning with adjustable legs, you can set up your outside sitting space at just the press of a button, and the extra TV bracket with cable located on the outside provides a way of enjoying more entertainment while still spending time outdoors.

More Residential Quality

Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte Travel Trailer Cabinets
Residential features make you feel right at home.

In every room of of the Salem Hemisphere, there will be more residential quality features to not only make you feel at home but to also increase the longevity of the RV. Design items like the plank wood linoleum in the kitchen and the residential stain resistant carpet in the living room will withstand may years of use while still looking great. You’ll also love the solid wood drawer and cabinet fronts throughout to give you plenty of storage in beautiful and high quality spaces.

When you own one of our Salem Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte travel trailers, you can have a home-away-from-home anywhere you travel. To learn more about this incredible and affordable RV, be sure to contact us or stop by our location today!

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