Quick-Start Guide to RVing – and Don’t Miss Our RV Wars in March!

If 2022 is your year to finally start enjoying more travels and adventures with your family, you couldn’t have picked a better time to shop for a new or used RV. We can help you navigate the different kinds of RVs, which one might be best for you, and how to make RVing affordable.

Different Kinds of RVs

First things first – let’s establish a quick comparison guide to the different kinds of RVs to give you an idea of what might be best for your family.

Motor Homes

Class A motor homes are fantastic luxury units that are long and rectangular cubes in their shape (like a cracker box on wheels). These often offer the ultimate luxury when it comes to multiple bathrooms, multiple TVs/entertainment, and full bedrooms and bunkhouses.

Guide to RVing
Class B motor homes are also sometimes referred to as “camper vans.” They may look like florist or conversion vans, and offer a more compact camping experience. They are usually best for smaller families.

Guide to RVing

Finally, Class C motor homes offer the iconic “shelf” above the cab area. This is one of the beds you’ll find inside. Class B and C motor homes often provide smaller galley kitchens and interior wet baths, so you can still enjoy interior privacy even in a smaller space.

Guide to RVing

Vehicle requirements: no towing, just driving! Motor homes are all-in-one units that combine the transportation with the dwelling (kind of like a turtle, except much faster).

Take a look at all of our motor homes for sale here.

Fifth Wheels

We have fifth wheels to accommodate families of all sizes, too! You’ll often find loads of accessible and multifunctional features in a fifth wheel, like convertible furniture and multiple slide outs.

Guide to RVing

Vehicle requirements: a truck. Fifth wheels are named such because they require hitching to the bed of a truck (which serves as the “fifth” wheel of the unit). Check out our tow guides here to see what your towing vehicle can safely haul.

In the meantime, browse all of our fifth wheels for sale here.

Travel Trailers

This is another RV that simply requires being towed by a vehicle, although travel trailers come in all sizes and lightweight designs while still accommodating large families!

Guide to RVing

Vehicle requirements: depends on the model. Our inventory includes lightweight travel trailers, and many are small enough to be pulled by half-ton vehicles or midsize SUVs. If you’re looking for a lightweight model, we can help you find the perfect fit! Browse all of our travel trailers for sale here.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers refers to being able to haul your toys – that is, your outdoor gear like ATVs, dirt bikes, kayaks, and more! These units are hybrid fifth wheels or travel trailers, and the rear includes a “garage” design that allows you to park your cargo inside while traveling, and typically converts into another bedroom or sleeping space at night.

Vehicle requirements: depends on the model. Take a look at our toy haulers for sale here.

Which RV is Right for Me? And How Can I Travel Affordably?

There are even more kinds of RVs than we’ve featured here – such as folding pop up campers and fish houses. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered – another reason to stay Carefree! We can help you figure out which RV style is right for your family, navigate whether to buy new or pre-owned, and make sense of RV financing options.

Don’t Miss Our RV Wars

Mark your calendars now for big savings and in March with our RV Wars! The first weekend in March will offer you great ways to pocket the savings and enjoy RVing even more affordably. Stay tuned for more information on our RV Wars!

Contact us today with questions about shopping for a new or used RV, our competitive RV financing rates, or our upcoming RV Wars. We look forward to helping you live the Carefree life!

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