RV Buying Tips for the Fall & Winter

Shopping for a new or used RV? No matter what time of year you buy, we can get you the best price around – and feel comfortable about getting on the road confidently and safely! Take a look at our RV tips for buying a motorized or towable RV in the fall or winter below!

Figure Out What Kind of RV You Need

There are advantages to buying either a motorized RV or a towable RV – and it all depends on your needs and what you’ve gotta have. Let’s take a look at the advantages of buying a towable RV in Alberta first.

Advantages of a Towable RV

  • Less expensive: our towable RVs for sale are less expensive than motorized RVs
  • No engine trouble: you can still travel even if your primary towing vehicle is in the shop
  • Great gas mileage: mile for mile, towables offer more fuel economy

Advantages of a Motorized RV

  • Super quick set up: park your home on wheels and be ready for camp life in a snap!
  • Convenient all-in-one design: no need to shop for an additional heavy-duty vehicle capable of towing
  • Loaded with luxury: motorhomes are frequently maxed out with all the bells and whistles

Why You Should Shop for an RV in Fall or Winter

Just as there are advantages to different kinds of RVs based on your family’s needs, there are also advantages to shopping for a motorized or towable RV in Alberta at this time of year, too!

It’s Cheaper

This is the time of year when we’re making space in our inventory for next year’s units. So we’re slashing prices. You drive – or haul – home the savings on a brand new RV at last year’s prices (or less!).

It’s More Convenient

RVs require different kinds of upkeep throughout the year to stay in prime condition – including the right winterization and storage. We can give you DIY winterization and storage tips or schedule a drive-thru winterization RV service appointment and we can even store your RV for you this winter!

You Can Take Your Time

Because many people shop for a new or used RV during the warm weather months, crowds at a dealership do tend to be down during the off season. Use this to your advantage! You can really take your time asking questions and exploring our inventory – and we can give you the full attention and care your shopping experience deserves.

Ready to shop smart? Shop now! Stop in to see us or contact us today!

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