RV Checklist App – Key Items to Remember for Each Trip!


Carefree RV wants you to feel ‘carefree’ in every way… that includes remembering the essentials regarding your RV. The RV Checklist app is a handy app that lists the common items one would need to do. Some of them include: what to remember to do when arriving on site, departing, winterization and other lists that you can customize to suit your own family’s needs.

The most important list we feel is critical to use is the “Departing From Site” list. This one prevents you from driving along and forgetting that the TV antenna up, or the stairs are out or worse that the sewer hose dragging or the slide is still out. These are item that are important to remember to prevent any additional RVing costs.

Check: Indoor

  • Verify Reservations If Any
  • Secure Loose Items
  • Secure Cabinets/Drawers
  • Interior Doors Secured
  • Windows Closed & Locked
  • Refrigerator Items Secured
  • Refrigerator Power
  • Blinds Anchored
  • Kitchen Table Extension In
  • Secure Coffee Pot
  • Close sink drain
  • Sink Tops On
  • TV Antenna Down
  • AC & Heat Off
  • Hot Water Off
  • Water Pump Off
  • Slides In and Secured
  • Jacks Up
  • Take Out Trash
  • Cell Phone/Maps/GPS
  • Glasses/Sunglasses
  • Tissues
  • Drinks/Snacks Ready

Check: Tow Vehicle

  • Attach Safety Cable
  • Connect Tow Wiring
  • Check Lights
  • Check Fluid Levels
  • Check Gauges
  • Check Fuel Level
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Adjust mirrors
  • Secure Items in Truck Bed
  • Tailgate Up
  • Move Forward to Check Hitch is Secure
  • Don’t Forget Leveling Blocks

Check: Outdoor

  • Flag Pole Put Away
  • Hummingbird Feeder Removed
  • Awnings All Retracted
  • Stow Outside Items
  • Store Mats
  • Secure Bicycles
  • Drain Holding Tanks
  • Add Fresh Water if Needed
  • Disconnect Sewer
  • Disconnect Water
  • Don’t Forget Water Regulator!
  • Disconnect TV Cable
  • Disconnect Power Cable
  • Propane Off
  • Storage Bays Close & Lock
  • Remove Wheel Chocks
  • Check Tire Pressures
  • Check Wheel Lug Nut Torque
  • Windshields Cleaned
  • Entry Steps Stowed
  • Check Trailer Lights and Brakes
  • Final Walk around

We understand it can be a pain tRV-Checklist-on-the-App-Store-on-iTuneso go through the list every time but it’s worth the few minutes. Every once in awhile something will be missed and we want all of our customers to have a “Carefree Experience” from the very start to finish!!! Enjoy your trip!

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