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Protect Your Investment – Cover Your RV!

Protecting your RV with an RV cover provides great benefits specifically since we live in Canada where snow and water could damage your RV. The following are the benefits for covering your RV with an RV cover are:

  • Protect your RVs paint, finish, fabrics and other components from sun damage.
  • Provides and repels rain and snow while it is important to ensure the RV is breathable to allow moisture to escape.
  • RV covers have reinforcements with multiple layers to ensure the front, back and corners of your RV fits securely. RV covers with ties and vents promotes access while covered.
  • Prevent dust, dirt, sap or bird droppings and/or sun UV damage.
  • Reduces how often you have to wash your RV and prevents black streaks. When dirt, sap or bird droppings combine with moisture from rain or snow, it can run down the sides of your RV causing dreaded black streaks.
  • Increase your RVs resale value. The RV will be in better condition with a RV cover therefore, you can help your RV retain more of its value.

RV covers also provide another level of peace of mind to prevent both physical damage and/or any other damage if your RV so happens to have a leak.

Using Tarps For An RV Cover is Not Recommended

Individuals who opt to wrap their RV in a large, blue polyethylene tarp is common, cheap, and although it offers some protection, it could actually create damage to your RV. Here is a few reasons why you should avoid using a tarp to cover your RV:

  • Tarps provide a rough texture which acts like sand paper to your RVs exterior.
  • Tarps are not breathable and when moisture that gets trapped beneath, mold and mildew can grow. This then can cause another problem for your RV later on.
  • Tarps do not specifically fit or are customized to protect an RV. It is important to find out how to cover your RV properly so that your investment is protected.

RV Covering

There are universal RV covers specific for RV types. Whether you have a towable or motorized RV, there are specific covers for that type of RV.  Carefree RV recommends to cover your RV specifically to aid with Canadian winters.

What Size Do I Use?

There are different sizes available in various lengths. You will need to know the overall length of your RV to get the right cover. It is recommended to measure your RV from front to the back, including spare tires, ladders, and bumpers. Do not include the frame or hitch on travel trailers or fifth wheels.


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Installing Your RV Cover

NOTE: Clean your RV to remove any dirt or debris.  Plus, it is recommend to pad any sharp edges that may damage the cover (gutter spouts, corners, etc.)

** Please be cautious when you start to install your RV Cover when climbing on the ladder or roof.

Steps to Install the RV Cover:

1. Find the front of the RV cover. There should be a tag labeled “Front.

2. Find the buckles and un-buckle any that are connected and remove any weights connected to the buckles.

3. Place the cover out so that the exterior roof portion is upward facing

4. Then, fold the sides towards the center and roll the RV cover up from back to front.

5. Climb carefully up the ladder and place the cover on the roof at the front of the RV, and unroll the cover toward the back.

Note: If you are unable to place the cover on the roof still rolled up, you can place it on the ground and pull it over your RV (illustrated in the video below

6. With an “inside-out” folded cover, the sides will begin to fall or can easily be unrolled to fall into place.\

7. Throw the weighted buckles which are connected to the buckles and then disconnect the weights, and connect the buckles.

8. To ensure a fits securely, connect the front and rear buckles to remove slack from the cover.

9. Remove slack from the buckles under the RV and this will ensure a snug fit all-around.

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Video: How To Install Your RV Cover

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Wrapping It Up

To order your RV Cover, contact our Parts Department through our website, email: parts@carefreerv.ca or call us at 1-780-438-2008

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