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TRYING TO SELL YOUR RV? Consign with us!

At Carefree RV we offer consignment services for individuals trying to sell their RV, who would rather not sell privately or trade/wholesale to a dealership.

What are the advantages of consigning my trailer?


  • It’s a buyers beware on the private market and many customers are willing to pay more money to have peace of mind. Various finance programs, a place to write a Google review if they are unhappy or happy. AMVIC protection, trust and guaranteed support down the road.
  • Because your trailer is likely to be seen by 10x as many people if not more.
  • Remember private sales do not service the buying demographic who:
    - Need to finance the trailer.
    - Need to trade in their current trailer.
    - Uncomfortable meeting a stranger.
    - Want peace of mind guarantees like an exchange privilege.
    - Want to be able to hold someone accountable.
    - Want to service their trailer where they buy it from.
    - Need to be guided through a purchase.


  • Better visibility with online advertising that has professional descriptions and pictures. Exposure on platforms including: Facebook, Kijji, AutoTrader, and (50% of the traffic comes from).
  • We deal with more people who have specific needs.
    People who need to trade their trailer. Roughly 50% of buyers in the market want to trade their existing trailer, we can take on trades, you won’t!
    People who want your trailer but need financing. Most customers will want to take advantage of the flexible financing only available on trailers we offer that, you don’t.
  • We are available 7 days a week.
    We can meet with a customer 7 days a week, morning, afternoon or evening.
    Our online team is available to respond to all inquiries on your trailer while you’re at work and during the evening on your private time.
  • Response time is critical to securing an interested buyer. We can increase the likelihood of a sale by 50% through a response time of 10 minutes or less.
  • On the spot appointments and approvals. No need to worry about a delay in financing. We have access to all lenders supporting all credit types.

What’s Needed To Consign?


Depending on what needs to be done can affect the trailer’s desirability and more so if the work is not done.

It is important to balance spending on things that will increase the value of the trailer and help the unit sell faster to avoid running costs (insurance, depreciation, payments or opportunity cost).

The camping season is short. Let’s maximize your trailer’s value now!

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