RV Maintenance Checklist – What You Need to Know

RV Maintenance is a part of life for any RV Owner, and regular maintenance is important in order for your RV to perform properly year after year and to protect your RV investment.

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Here are a few basic tips to do when maintaining regular RV maintenance:

1. Check overall condition of your RV (each trip)

2. Washing it after a trip (each trip)

3. Oil changes on certain mileage milestones (each trip depending on the mileage)

4. Care for Hot Water Heater (Annual basis – Flush water heater, check pressure relief value, clean burner tube, etc.)

CALL Carefree RV for a Qualified RV Technician if you are not doing this yourself.

5. Brake Inspection (Annual basis – Check condition of brakes annually to ensure they are wearing properly.)

6. Tire Rotation (Annual basis depending on how many trips per year, how far one drives during the trips. Rotating tires is important so you can have a longer useful life)

7. Furnance Work (Annual basis – Check furnace just as you would with water heater, specifically if you use the RV during winter months)

8. Thorough Tank Cleaning (Annual basis – Care for black and grey water tanks regularly and give them a deep cleaning once a year. Tip: Use a little vinegar with water should do a good job to help clean tanks and lines however, one can also buy the appropriate flushing fluid to help out with this.)

9. Cleaning Fridge – (*Don’t take this simple step for granted. Easy to do but necessary. Clean the interior and wipe down including the exterior parts which are responsible for the operation of the fridge; Baffle and coils)

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Taking care of the basic annual RV maintenance above and other important RV tips to do… will help you and your family keep your RV running smoothly so you can Stay Carefree!
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