Preventative Measures - Apply Mouse Guard at Time of Delivery

The easiest way to keep your RV mice and pest free is by reducing the possibility of them entering your RV in the first place. There are a number of things Carefree RV suggests to do as part of your semi-annual inspections that can help in deterring the critters from entering your castle.

Mice can cause damage by chewing their way into an RV. Mouse shield protection prevents mice from entering RV. Mouse shield is a permanent, non-greasy, non-sticky barrier that tastes and smells like peppermint. It is applied to the underbody of the RV and protects against damage to the RV and health risks associated with mice. Guarantee for 5years! Carefree RV is proud to be affiliated with Diamond Kote products to assist our service team with application.     

Blue Checkmark Tips & Tricks

  • During use, invest in air-tight plastic bags or containers for you food and do not keep food exposed for extended periods of time. (ie. Mice do love to snuggle into left over towels and build nests - therefore, the air-tight plastic bags will help)
  • Before storing your unit, defrost and clean your refrigerator thoroughly and prop cabinet doors open to discourage nesting.
  • Check items like deodorants, shampoos, toothpastes and medicines, as they do have expiration dates and can attract insects and rodents.
  • Keep your RV neat. Dust often and keep clutter to a minimum, especially in smaller spaces.
  • Check vents for nests as part of your regular walk around checks.
  • Plug all holes from the outside to inside of your RV with expandable foam, steel wool or narrow mesh screens. Ensure that you examine all holes in the firewall between your engine and interior as well (anywhere pipes or wiring enter the interior). Dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap and/or mothballs, in cupboards or drawers, will NOT protect mice from entering. Oil extracts and vinegar will also NOT protect any rodents or insects from entering the RV. 
  • When storing your RV, ensure it is placed on concrete or on gravel and NOT on any mid to tall grass. Mice love to crawl up grass and enjoy making nests under plywood.

With having a sparkling clean unit, applying all of the Tips and Tricks, and applying mouse guarding at the time of purchase, these preventative measures will help deter the critters from entering!